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Market leader with-in a short span of time.

Acoustics are critical for successful building design as well as how people perceive sound in spaces and buildings. Rise & Shine offers a variety of acoustic solutions and effectively handles vibrations and noise by utilizing acoustic underlayment, gym flooring system, oviolevitate flooring and other sound insulation systems. We produce underlayment sheets, floating floor systems, and gym flooring systems that are designed to provide superior impact sound and noise insulation between slabs and floors. Our manufacturing facility in Saudi Arabia is equipped with cutting-edge technology machinery and precision testing facilities.

Our products have been proven best by the industry in terms of reliability, cost-effectiveness, quality, availability and serviceability. We have a wide range of colors that enable us to create new innovative designs and enhance the beauty of any Workspace or Home space.
We offer a complete range of Sound Proof Material & Acoustic solutions in Saudi Arabia for the Reception Area, Multi-Purpose Halls, Assembly Area, Auditoriums, Restaurants & Hotels, Lobby Areas, Commercial Spaces, Classrooms, Hospitals, Industrial Areas, Studio, Home Room, Walls etc. to reduce Noise or Echo at Optimum level.

The acoustic solutions offered by Rise and Shine are sturdy and high performing products that reduce the transmission of sound vibrations generated due to heavy machinery, footfall, speech, and structural borne sound. They are ideal for concrete floor construction, which consists of screed, wood, tile and concrete. By acting as a de-coupler, they break the transmission of sound waves through the floor-ceiling assembly. These solutions are eco-friendly, tough, resilient, wear-resistant, easy to install and can be directly used under concrete and gypsum. All these products are rigorously tested to the ASTM standards.

fibreglass lining concrete pool

At Rise and Shine, we offer advanced fire and safety solutions to our clients in Saudi Arabia. We work together with our clients to achieve their fire safety objectives to preserve lives, property, and business continuity cost-effectively. Furthermore, we align ourselves with Saudi’s vision 2030 to work for public sector development and create a sustainable future.

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