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Rise and Shine KSA

Fire Proofing

Market leader with-in a short span of time.

Across Saudi Arabia, Fireproofing is required in a large number of commercial buildings to prevent or delay the failure of steel and concrete structures exposed to fire.
We, at Rise and Shine, extend our expertise to intumescent, cementitious fireproofing for steel in the commercial, industrial, and oil & gas sectors. As a fireproofing company, our specialists, with their extensive knowledge and experience, offer comprehensive fireproofing solutions in Saudi Arabia. Our team of proven technical specialists are experts in a variety of fireproofing applications, installation methods and services.

We are certified by major product manufacturers, governments, national and international trade organisations, authorities, and associations related to the PFP industry; plus, FM Approvals, NFCA Accreditation, FCIA Approval, and active memberships with various PFP associations around the globe. Our commitment to safety, quality work, and optimal procedures are not limited to our products and workmanship. We operate to the highest standards, using technical excellence, and constantly strive to provide you with the safest, secured, approved, and certified fire resistance solutions in Saudi Arabia.

fibreglass lining concrete pool

At Rise and Shine, we offer advanced fire and safety solutions to our clients in Saudi Arabia. We work together with our clients to achieve their fire safety objectives to preserve lives, property, and business continuity cost-effectively. Furthermore, we align ourselves with Saudi’s vision 2030 to work for public sector development and create a sustainable future.

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